The HsensorX038 is a Wafer Mapping sensor which detects presence of wafer in cassette, FOUP, etc. Sensor can detect proper positioned wafer and cross-loted wafer as well.
Sensor unique design allows detection of all kinds of wafers (different sizes, coatings, thicknesses..). Hsensor has standof of 38mm, different distances are also available. Call Metralight for addditional information.

  • Detect Nitride Coated Wafers
  • Solid State Class 1 Laser Diode (785nm)
  • LED Bar Displays Reflected Light and Treshold Level
  • Low Power Consumtion (80mA)
  • Electrically and Mechanically Compatible with Industry Standard Sensors
  • Supression of Ambient Light (Sunlight, Fluorescent,..)
  • Custom Form Factors is Available (NRE charges may apply)
Detection Method Laser Beam with Photodetectors
Light Source 780 nm Class I Laser Diode (0.050mW max. power)
Detecting Distance 1.5” (38mm) or custom (2”/ 3”/ 4’)
Response Time ON delay 38µs max. / OFF delay 5ms min (user selectable)
Laser Spot Size 12.7 mm x 0.15 mm
Angular Coverage +17°,-25° (relative to the sensor front surface)
Detectable Wafers 3” to 12”, Different Thicknesses and Coatings (including Nitride wafers)
Power 8 to 24 VDC / 100mA max.
Settings Pin Hole for Threshold Adjustment
Interface (Input and Output) 4 Wire Cable
Indicators Green LED = Sensor ON ; Blue LED = Object Present; LED Bar
Output NPN Open Collector (internal or external pull-up resistor), 80 mA max.
Materials Aluminum Case, Glass Lenses, RG9 Filter
Overall Dimensions 3.3” x 3.25” x 0.65” (83.8 mm x 82.6 mm x 16.5 mm)
Weight 3.2 oz (92 g)