• Compact laser micrometer
  • High Resolution (up to 0.4375 µm)
  • Fast Measurement Speed
  • 670 nm Class I laser device
  • 2xM5 interface
  • Custom Modes Available (i.e. Center, Min and Max Values, etc.)
Detection method Laser through-beam with CMOS element
Light source Class I Laser diode
Output Serial (RS232) or Analog Voltage
Measurement Range 140 μm to 28 mm
Resolution 0.4375 µm
Response Time 0.391 ms
Non-Linearity 0.1% of full range
Power 12 to 24 VDC / 80mA
Connections 2x M5 (4pin) connector (Bulgin: PXMBNI05FPM04AFL001, PXPTPU05RAF04ACL010PUR)
Overall Dimension emitter: 58x50x15mm, receiver:54x50x15mm
Weight 200g

RXi Sensor Technical Specification (rev.A, February 2020)

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