DIAMETER Measurement , or amount of SLACK , or VIBRATION measurement.

An application for DIAMETER, EDGE 1, and EDGE 2 mode. Additional measurement MODES can be defined by the user. Some examples are: CENTER (the center of the detected object), THRESHOLD measurements (min. or max. diameter), POSITION (the placement of an object) and ORIENTATION (the laterality of the detected object).


A typical application for EDGE mode. In this mode, a two dimensional profile of a moving or a stationary object can be measured.

LARGE Object , THICKNESS or WIDTH or HEIGHT measurement.

Another application for the EDGE mode. By using 2 parallel sensors to measure the width or profile of a LARGE stationary or moving object.

GAP measurement between objects.

An application for the GAP mode. Gaps can be measured between objects that are either stationary or in motion.

X axis and Y axis measurement of DIAMETER, POSITION , VIBRATION, SURFACE RUNOUT.

The use of 2 perpendicular sensors to measure the X and Y axis of the detected object.